As sure as there’s a sun in the sky and a Blue Bombsicle in our hand, there’s always something exciting going on at UV. Check back often to see what kind of special events, promos and offers we’ve got on deck.


That’s right, we’re sponsoring the extra point this fall because we know that sometimes all you need to do is add 1 for a real game winner. Lemonade + UV Blue Raspberry = a delicious Blue Bombsicle. Cola + UV Cherry = a refreshing Cherry Bomb. We’ve also partnered with theCHIVE again to add some exciting tailgate events you’ll want to check out if you’re in Austin, Chicago or Ames!


The extra point is the underdog of football scoring, but not this year. The extra point is about to be top dog with the help of theCHIVE! Apart from being the hub for the best content the internet has to offer each and every day, theCHIVE is known for throwing some of the best parties around. Following the success of our Salute to Heroes program, we thought it only made sense to join forces as we kickoff the football season with the best tailgate parties of the year! That’s right, we’ll be hitting gameday hard with theCHIVE on some big-time tailgate events and PREGAME bar takeovers to celebrate the extra point like nobody else!

UV and theCHIVE are heading to Austin on 10/13, then making our way to Ames on 10/27 to cap off our tailgate season. It’s gonna be wild!

Get your foam fingers ready, study those X’s and O’s, and prepare to enjoy some college football’s biggest rivalries with some delicious UV Vodka cocktails. When gameday calls, we’ll be ready, and we want you there to help us take this tailgating season to the next level!

Kickoff football season with the UV+1 Extra Point Sticker pack. Available on Instagram, Snapchat or visit to get these stickers and more!